An alternative reality platform powered by the voice of the next generation where humanity intersects with technology to drive positive change.

A Nationwide Casting Call for Candidates

3 Easy Steps



Each candidate has a voice. A Voice to change the World.  There are 350 million voices in America. Audition to be the iPresident of the United States.


Join - Advocate - Connect

 An audition is the start of making a difference.  Membership supports candidates. Thousands of voices will impact the next generation. 


Membership = Participation

Members connect with candidates.  Sponsorship funds programs that build community with the voice from the iPresident of the United States. 

Why You Should Join iPresident

The Voices of the Next Generation

iPresident is a platform to challenge, motivate and encourage Young People.  The Auditions & Elections are part of a movement to teach students/families & schools/communities about America’s values and the limitless opportunity in having a voice and an iVote®.

iPresident® Develops Leadership In Students

iPresident® will provide resources to challenge, motivate and educate students featuring the voices of students nationwide.  In addition, the themes of leadership and moral values will be introduced. Historical voices will be one tool used.  Past stories worth hearing about. 

iPresident’s approach is to be quick, decisive, factual, truthful, and educational.  Awareness breeds involvement.  Involvement leads to a movement.  A movement changes people’s action and hearts.  That makes iPresident unique. 

-Information + Education + Engagement

Truth, + Integrity + Character + Morality + Honor + Courage + Generosity. 

“Truth Matters Only To The Extent People Want It To Matter” – iPresident

We are building a powerful community

This is an opportunity to encourage students to provide a voice to America. The goal is to connect and build a powerful online community of students/parents & schools/communities. Together we can make a difference.

iPresident® will focus on genre storytelling. This includes marginalized voices. A primary focus will emphasize aspirational narratives connecting public policy, culture, and social justice.  iPresident® will use both digital and traditional mediums to tell important stories and bring people together and give them a voice to change the world!



Membership = Participation

Teacher Plan

$ 10 / Per month
  • Only $120/year
  • One Teacher - Mentor
  • 5 Videos/25 Essay Submissions

District Plan

$ 99 / Per month
  • One School District
  • Live Virtual Events
  • Virtual Polling
  • Unlimited Video Auditions
  • Unlimited Esaay Submissions
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School Plan

$ 49 / Per month
  • One School - One Campus
  • Unlimited Teachers-Mentors
  • Unlimited Video Auditions
  • Unlimited Essay Submissions
  • Teacher Plan
  • School Plan
  • District Plan
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