An alternative reality platform powered by the voice of the next generation where humanity intersects with technology to drive positive change.

A Nationwide Casting Call for Candidates


Be A Voice For The Next Generation

As iPresident, your voice can challenge, motivate and encourage our country.  The Auditions & Elections are part of a movement to teach about America’s values and the limitless opportunity in having a voice and an iVote.

Be A Leader

An audition features information that is decisive, factual, truthful, and educational. 

Auditions encourages involvement.  Involvement leads to a movement.  A movement changes people’s action and hearts.  Your voice makes iPresident unique. 

-Information + Education + Engagement

Truth, + Integrity + Character + Morality + Honor + Courage + Generosity. 

“Truth Matters Only To The Extent People Want It To Matter” 

We are building a powerful community

This is an opportunity to provide a voice to America. The goal is to connect and build a powerful online community . Together we can make a difference.

iPresident will focus on genre storytelling. This includes marginalized voices. A primary focus will emphasize aspirational narratives connecting public policy, culture, and social justice.  iPresident will use both digital and traditional mediums to tell important stories and bring people together and give them a voice to change the world!