Students in the Real World

Candidates can upload video or written essays to audition for the iPresident of the United States. The finalist in each school district can create their own election platform. Educational mentors will have edit capabilities. iPresident will provide the tools to enable candidates to create incredible speeches. Sponsoring candidates will provide lots of high quality voices that "say something worth saying in a way that is worth listening to.”

Speeches to Inspire

iPresident speeches will focus on genre storytelling from marginalized voices with a primary focus on aspirational narratives connecting public policy, culture, and social justice using both digital and traditional mediums to tell important stories and bring people together and give them a voice to change the world!

Human Value Decisions

A divisive and polarized internet idealizes perfectionism, materialism, selfishness and virtual rather than real human connection negatively impacting the next generation. The iPresident of the United States will introduce decisive, factual, truthful, and educational speeches.


Sponsorship = Participation


$ 25 / 1 Year Individual Membership
  • Individual Acknowledgment
  • Virtual Polling + 1 iVote
  • Invite to One Live Virtual Event


$ 49 / 1 Year Family Membership
  • Family Acknowledgment
  • Invites to One Virtual Event
  • Virtual Polling + 5 iVotes
  • Invite to Candidate Events
  • Candidate Election Updates
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$ 99 / 1 Year Sponsorship
  • Business Acknowledgment
  • Candidate Video Greeting
  • Virtual Polling + 10 iVotes
  • Unlimited Invites to Virtual Events

One Person! One Voice!

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